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Aloha Polynesian
Culture & Seafood Festival

"Many people recognize the Polynesian Islands as a vacation getaway destination. This annual festival is a way to expand knowledge by sharing, educating, promoting, and preserving ancient, traditional, interpretive and modern aspects of Polynesian culture and heritage."


Thank you for supporting our mission to preserve, promote, share and educate the public about the Polynesian Culture by coming out today. Our annual festival will once again offer all the entertainment and activities that festival-goers have come to expect, experiencing the dynamic array of ethnic identities, traditions, cultural expressions and artistry of Polynesian people from Hawaii, Samoa, Tahiti, and New Zealand (Maoris). If you've attended before, welcome back! If this is your first time, "E komo mai, e noho mai, e ài a e, wala àu" - Come in, come sit, eat and talk!

TAMA LEAO Founder/President

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Board of Directors

Tama Leao


Tama Leao Jr.


Luisa Leao



Danny Leao

Director of Entertainment


Tama Leao

PCA -Founder, President & Artistic Director

Tama is a well- known as a Polynesian musician, drummer, singer and dancer. He is the producer and director of the Tama Leao Polynesian Production and has taken his troupe for performances throughout the United States. He is an advocate on behalf of Pacific Islanders and supports the work of Polynesian artists and performing groups. Tama manages the PCA program activities oversees the organization’s legal matters, fundraisers and linkages with Polynesian artists. Tama is a native of Polynesia and fluent in the Samoan and Hawaiian languages.

Luisa Leao

Master Dance Teacher/Polynesian Costume Designer

Luisa has been teaching dances and performs for the Tama Leao Polynesian Productions for many years. She is a PCA Artist In-Residence who is in charge of bringing together Polynesian dancers and working closely with musicians/drummers to develop and rehearse performances/workshop demonstrations. Luisa designs and makes Polynesian dance costumes, strings leis and bead work. She is a native of Samoa.

Dan L

Polynesian Musician, Singer and Composer

Dan joined PCA in 2009 is now an Artist In-Residence. He plays the guitar and ukulele and island, sings and composes Hawaiian music. Kava plays with the PCA Band and performs regularly at PCA’s events and program activities. He is well-versed in Polynesian culture and provides insights on how to bring the ancient, traditional and modern Polynesian expressions to PCA programs. Can be seen on youtube.

Tama Leao Jr.

PCA Board Member, Drummer, Dancer

Tama’s artistry in the Polynesian performing arts is well-known in the community, particularly in demonstrating his skill as a Samoan Fire Dancer. He has been performing since he was a small child and is known for his creative

interpretation of Polynesian dances. Tama is one of PCA’s dedicated board director and an asset in the process of keeping the culture alive in the everyday lives of Polynesians. Tama’s heritage is Samoan and Hawaiian. He is a firefighter and paramedic on the Pompano Beach Fire Dept. and holds the rank of Lieutenant.

Nani Maka Maloney

Master Dance Teacher

Nani has been a dedicated member since 2003 when PCA was established. She has been instrumental in helping the organization achieve its educational goals. As a traditional “hula” dancer, Nani is one of PCA’s guest performers and serves as a curator for the PCA portable exhibit during festivals and special events. Nani is skillful in teaching and interacting with children and adult learners. 

The Polynesian Culture Band

The PCA Band was formed in 2008 and recorded its first CD in 2009. The band consists of individual Polynesian musicians that have pledged their time and commitment to assist the organization in producing a well-rounded entertainment for the Annual Festival.


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